I Don’t Want to Talk about Bugs: STARWEST 2015 Interview with Janet Gregory


In this interview, TechWell speaks with agile testing coach and practitioner Janet Gregory. During the STARWEST 2015 conference, she presented the keynote "I Don’t Want to Talk about Bugs: Let’s Change the Conversation."

Josiah Renaudin: All right. We're back with another STARWEST Virtual interview.We have Janet Gregory. Janet, thank you so much for joining me today.

Janet Gregory: You're so welcome.

Josiah Renaudin: A lot of people probably recognize you because you were our first keynote this morning. You're done with that, all the nerves are gone. Have you had a chance to actually go around the entire conference, talk to people, get some feedback?

Janet Gregory: Right after the keynote, Lee actually had to chase us off the stage and out of the room because the next talk was coming. There was a group of people that we moved outside and had some good conversations. People having opinions, somebody said, "Come to my talk" and different things. It was some good feedback, I enjoyed it.

Josiah Renaudin: That's really great. I know a lot of keynote speakers who get to go out and they just enjoy talking to people, hearing all the feedback, hearing all the different things. I know I was moderating the virtual chat and there's a lot of good response to the talk this morning. We'll get more into ...

Janet Gregory: That would be interesting.

Josiah Renaudin: Yeah, it was really interesting. We'll get more into the actual content of your keynote, but just to start, for people who don't know, you're an agile coach, you're an author. What do you do on a weekly basis? What's your job? If you could, of course, I will let you plug your book, if you'd like to.

Janet Gregory: Okay, plug my book, I don't have to ... two books, actually. Agile Testing, the first one, was a beginner starter guide. How do you make that transition, from a testing perspective? The second one is a follow-up going into ... You've got your agile team, you're doing okay. Now, all of a sudden, you're in a different context, you're running into different issues. How can we expand that? It definitely is a follow up, and it's called More Agile Testing. It's about learning journeys. We try to get a lot of people with real experience telling their story to say, "Here, we were in this context in a data warehousing business intelligent. Here's how we did it." We tried to fill a book with those sorts of things, along with the theory behind it and different things. That's what we tried to do with the second book, to give people ideas that, "Look, it can be done. We can move it." You asked another question, though, what do I do with my days?

Josiah Renaudin: Yeah. What's the daily life? What's the workday like?

Janet Gregory: That would really depend on ... I spend a lot of time travelling.

Josiah Renaudin: As you are right now.

Janet Gregory: As I am, I'm here. Next week, I'm going to London to teach my three-day agile testing course. When I'm on the road, it looks a lot different. I get up early and I check emails because I get a lot of emails from the other side of the world and things. In the evening, I try to catch up on a little bit of things, too. When I'm at home, it's much more working on articles, changing my course. I learn something new, what can I adapt? Thinking about, "Can I write another blog post?" Though, I'm not so good at that. Presentations, I spend a lot of time on presentations. I end up sitting at my desk and at my computer a whole lot trying to get the updates done, trying to learn new things. I go on Twitter every morning is one of the things I do. I look for new blog posts, I look for new articles, always trying to learn new things because there is a lot of things out there.

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