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Agile coach Pat Arcady How to Manage Team Conflict in Your Organization: An Interview with Pat Arcady

Pat Arcady is an agile and executive coach with FreeStanding Agility. In this interview, Pat discusses ways conflict manifests itself in an organization, the importance of nonviolent communication, and a useful four-step protocol for achieving positive outcomes for all parties.

Jonathan Vanian's picture Jonathan Vanian
Certified ScrumMaster Arlen Bankston On Agile Methods and the Rise of Lean Startup: An Interview with Arlen Bankston

Arlen Bankston is a lean six sigma master black belt and certified ScrumMaster trainer. In the following interview with StickyMinds editor Jonathan Vanian, Arlen discusses the rise of the Lean Startup movement, tools to capture customer feedback, and what constitutes good metrics.

Jonathan Vanian's picture Jonathan Vanian
Software testing consultant Matthew Heusser The Relationship between Testers and Programmers: An Interview with Matthew Heusser

StickyMinds technical editor Matthew Heusser is a consulting software tester and software process naturalist. In this interview, Matthew shares his thoughts on tester and programmer relationships, the impact of Acceptance Test Driven Development, and benefits of "lean coffee" gatherings.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
Clean code proponent Andrew Wulf Making Testers Miserable: An Interview with Andrew Wulf

Andrew Wulf runs TheCodist blog, is the lead iOS programmer for Travelocity, and owns Idle Diversions—an iOS game company. In this interview with Noel Wurst, Wulf discusses his role as a coder to "make testers miserable," the need for clean code, and practicing agile before it was a term.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
Tony Surma, CTO of Microsoft Disaster Response Cracking the Code to Saving Lives: An Interview with Tony Surma

Tony Surma, CTO of Microsoft Disaster Response, explains how developers, testers, and others are contributing to disaster relief mobile apps that will save lives on a global scale. Learn how you, too, can help by using your powers for this fantastic organization.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
Software tester and prolific author Jon Hagar The New Ways to Break Mobile and Embedded Software: An Interview with Jon Hagar

With more than thirty years of experience in software, Jon Hagar brings a wealth of knowledge to our community, and he shares a great amount of it in his new book, Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices. Jon sat down with us to discuss the true future of testing.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
SmartBear logo The Human Aspect of Testing: An Interview with SmartBear's Michael Punsky and Scott Barber

Michael Punsky and Scott Barber discuss the importance of the human element in the world of software testing—no matter how advanced testing tools become. Learn why continuous testing is crucial to software's success and why testing should never be looked at as a single event.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
International Society for Software Testing co-founder Johan Jonasson An Interview with International Society for Software Testing President Johan Jonasson

Johan Jonasson and a host of others are responsible for starting the International Society for Software Testing. We sat down with Johan to learn more about the reasons for forming the new society and how the group plans to "oppose practices that dehumanize testing."

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
QA and test process improvement mentor Shaun Bradshaw Incentivizing Tester Behaviors, not Bounties: An Interview with Shaun Bradshaw

Noel Wurst sits down with Shaun Bradshaw to discuss creative, and positivity-boosting ways to incentivize software testers' work. Shaun gives some great examples from his upcoming STARWEST keynote, "The Bounty Conundrum: Incentives for Testing," in this informative interview.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
Better Software magazine editor Ken Whitaker An Interview with Better Software Magazine Editor Ken Whitaker

We'd like to introduce the newly appointed editor of Better Software magazine, Ken Whitaker. Ken has a long history in software and is a great addition to the team. If you're interested in writing for Better Software, drop Ken a line. His contact info can be found in this interview

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst


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