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Why Planning Collaboration Is a Must: An Interview with Griffin Jones

Collaboration can bring chaos, but Griffin Jones explains in this insightful interview how proper planning can greatly reduce the chances of chaos while increasing the likelihood for success on many development projects.

Noel Wurst
Why the BA Is Essential to Agile Development: An Interview with Steve Adolph

Steve Adolph explains why the BA's role on an agile project cannot be overvalued, due to their immense communication and collaboration skills. Steve describes the best BAs as "boundary spanners" who know the importance of keeping everyone sitting together, and most importantly—talking.

Noel Wurst
Matt Barcomb suggests some patterns for team collaboration From One Expert to Another: Matt Barcomb

Janet Gregory and Matt Barcomb are presenting "Patterns for Team Collaboration: Toward Whole-team Quality" at the Agile Development Conference West 2013. In this interview, they discuss the value of patterns and the meaning of "whole-team quality."

Janet Gregory
Testing the Requirements of Collaboration: An Interview with Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan

Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan informed us in this interview that collaboration is king, and we should end the separation of development and testing, while putting everything under a single development umbrella. Jeff also looks beyond the benefits of collaboration and TDD and takes some stabs at the future.

Noel Wurst
Agile Testing through Gaming: An Interview with Nate Oster

Nate Oster is giving two sessions at the upcoming STARCANADA 2013 that deal with empowering developers and testers through acceptance test-driven development. Oster's experience as an agile player-coach and working with test-first practices are detailed in this terrific interview.

Noel Wurst
Realizing the Value of Testing: An Interview with Iain McCowatt

We sat down with Iain McCowatt, a program test manager at CGI in Halifax, Canada, in order to learn more about the role that testers play in making their worth known to the world around them.

Noel Wurst
Exposing and Erasing Organizational Bias: An Interview with Keith Klain

Keith Klain gives a glimpse at what he'll be discussing at his upcoming STARCANADA session, "Creating Dissonance: Overcoming Organizational Bias toward Software Testing." Learn the numerous benefits of discovering these biases before they do more damage than they've already done.

Noel Wurst
Your Own Cloud-Based Test Lab: An Interview with Leslie Segal

In a recent interview with Leslie Segal, we learned why seemingly attractive cloud-based performance and load testing tools aren't as beneficial as having your very own cloud-based test lab. You may rethink what's easiest or best for your team after hearing what Leslie has to say.

Noel Wurst
Mistakes to Avoid in Test Automation: An Interview with Dorothy Graham

With more than thirty years of experience in the testing world, Dorothy Graham knows a thing or two about test automation. We asked Dorothy about how to get the most out of automation and how to avoid "intelligent mistakes."

Noel Wurst
How to Not Test Everything: An Interview with Eric Jacobson

We sat down with Eric Jacobson, quality assurance manager at Turner Broadcast Systems, to learn more about why testers don't need to test everything on a project—no matter who taught them that they should. Eric shared some interesting ways to stop this potentially quality harming trend.

Noel Wurst


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