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From One Expert to Another: Dan Wellman

Steve Berczuk speaks with Dan Wellman about the agile practice of test-driven development (TDD), including prerequisites to instituting TDD, the technical and cultural challenges to using it, and some ideal (and not-so-ideal) contexts for it.

Steve Berczuk
Scott Ross Building Trust and Culture in Teams: An Interview with Scott Ross

Scott Ross is presenting a session named "Leveraging Core Values for Healthier, More Productive Teams" at the 2012 Better Software Conference East. Scott shared with us the importance of maintaining a positive culture around development teams in order to keep everyone happy, healthy, and productive.

Noel Wurst
Mathew Bissett Testing Early and Often: An Interview with Matthew Bissett

In this interview, Matthew Bissett, the test manager responsible for the integration and testing of his area's flagship system for Her Majesty's Government, shares his thoughts with us on the importance of early testing in order to rapidly speed up software releases.

Noel Wurst
A Closer Look at API Testing: An Interview with Ole Lensmar

TechWell's Noel Wurst got the chance to sit down with Ole Lensmar, Chief Architect at SmartBear. Ole discussed the differences between unit and API testing, the importance of choosing the best testing methods, and the benefits of reusing test assets.

Noel Wurst
Emphasizing Quality in Testing: An Interview with Bob Crews

Bob Crews, president and CEO of Checkpoint Technologies, discusses the latest trends in software testing while stressing the need for expert methodologies in both manual and automated testing procedures.

Noel Wurst
William Hurley Quality Mobile App Testing: An Interview with William Hurley

We had the chance to sit down with William Hurley ahead of his upcoming session at the 2012 Better Software Conference East in Orlando. William shared with us the testing methodologies and focuses that increase the quality of your mobile apps and leave your clients thrilled with your work.

Noel Wurst
Mobile Testing's Challenges: An Interview with Manish MathuriaNoel Wurst had the chance to sit down with Manish Mathuria for this insightful interview. Manish discussed the topics he was covering during his STARWEST 2012 presentation "Mobile Test Automation: Lessons Learned in the Trenches."
Noel Wurst
Agile software professional Linda Rising Effective Influence Strategies: An Interview with Linda Rising

The ability to influence others is an invaluable tool, especially for those in software. We had the opportunity to speak with Linda ahead of her upcoming presentation titled "Influence Strategies for Software Professionals" which she'll give at the Better Software Conference East.

Noel Wurst
Alexander Andelkovic Test Automation on an Agile Project: An Interview with Alexander Andelkovic

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Alexander Andelkovic, who works as a test lead for Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. Alexander is a driving force for implementing agile model-based testing techniques and is an ambassador for session-based test management.

Noel Wurst
Cloud-Based Testing Is Here to Stay: An Interview with Dr. Tauhida ParveenDr. Tauhida Parveen discusses the advantages to cloud-based testing in this interview with Noel Wurst. Dr. Parveen is presenting a session at the Better Software Conference East in Orlando, FL, entitled "Cloud-Based Testing: Flexible, Scalable, On-Demand, and Cheaper."
Noel Wurst


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