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Software Development Lifecycle: Defect and Test Case Measurement

This article focuses on how to manage the defect and test case measurement during the software development lifecycle. This should be a practical resource for software developers and project managers.

Steve Miller
Software Inspection Master Plan (template)

This Software Inspection Master Plan template is a revised version from the original in Gilb & Graham's book, Software Inspection. This template is partially filled out to give you an exmple of how to use it.

Steve Allott
Test Case Checklist (template)

This checklist will help you develop better test cases. It includes sections on quality attributes, structure/testability, and configuration management of test cases.

Dianne Runnels
Defect Depletion and Cost Analysis (template)

You can use this spreadsheet to demonstrate the value of early defect removal. It includes defect depletion curves or phase containment effectiveness calculations.

Ed Weller's picture Ed Weller
Definition of Defect Density

This brief paper by Linda Westfall defines the defect metric of Defect Density and gives two examples of how it can be reported and utilized.

Linda Westfall
Are Templates Dangerous?

When we mindlessly use templates to give easy answers, we're trying to play chess with a checkers mentality. That's David Gelperin's warning in this article. Templates related to context-sensitive issues require a lot of analysis. As he aptly suggests, "Perhaps every test doc template should come with a warning label: 'Not a Substitute for Thinking.'"

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Scalable Test Design Using Ultra-Understandable Decision Tables

This technical paper describes a scalable strategy that integrates multiple techniques into a pragmatic test-design approach that honors budget and schedule constraints. The strategy is most appropriate for large sets of behavior rules and logical interpretations, where exhaustive testing is not feasible. Ultra-understandable decision tables and their supporting entity profiles are used to describe behavior, but the design strategy can be applied to any equivalent information model. The scalable design process comprises five steps.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Load/Performance Testing Excel Matrix (template)

This load and performance test template has fields for Virtual User Host Information and Test Run/Scenario Data.

mike racicot's picture mike racicot
Industry Usability Reporting

In October 1997, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) initiated an effort to increase the visibility of software usability. Cooperating in the IUSR project are prominent suppliers of software and representatives from large consumer organizations. The goals of the initiative are: 

  1. Encourage software suppliers and consumer organizations to work together to understand user needs and tasks.
  2. Develop a common usability reporting format for sharing usability data with consumer organizations.
  3. Conduct a pilot trial to determine how well the usability reporting format works and to determine the value of using this format in software procurement.

This site provides an overview of the project, who is involved and white papers on progress to date. Further, there is a common industry format template and guideline for conduction and reporting on usability assessments.

Paul Gerrard's picture Paul Gerrard
Values and Beliefs as Barriers to Team Consensus

When people on the project team disagree, it helps to be able to understand assumptions and to sort through the feelings and the facts that influence team dynamics and the decision-making process. In this article Peter Grazier provides useful insights for understanding these influences.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor


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