Test Tools, IT Projects, and User Experience: An Interview with Isabel Evans and Julian Harty


In this interview, Isabel Evans and Julian Harty reveal the area of software where we're ignoring the user experience. They cover how we're not thinking strongly enough about the tool sets used by IT projects, and dig into why test tools are often put on the shelf.

Jennifer Bonine: We are back with our virtual interviews at STARWEST 2016. I'm pleased to have two individuals this time with me, Isabel and Julian. Thanks for joining me, both of you.

Isabel Evans: Pleasure.

Julian Harty: Thank you.

Jennifer Bonine: For folks that haven't had a chance to interact yet with Isabel or Julian, I'll just have them give you a little brief on each of them. You'll also notice Julian's wearing this quite lovely lab coat. Yes. He is part of the test lab here at the conference. Some of you in the virtual world may have heard of the test lab. Very neat experience where people can come and actually engage in what we talk about. We talk about all these things at the conference, you actually get an opportunity to engage with testing, engage with the lab and do some hands-on, for those of you who like that hands-on opportunity. We do believe that the folks out there, if you're watching virtually, Rachelle or one of the folks from the conference, maybe Lee, have mentioned that you can get engaged in the test lab as well. Hopefully you guys have an opportunity to do that and can be virtually part of what's going on in that lab. Then at the end they announce the winners. There's always incentive to be a winner at the end and to be able to get engaged in that. Hopefully you're participating in that.

Maybe Isabel and Julian, give us a little background on the two of you, for the folks watching.

Isabel Evans: Should I go first?

Julian Harty: Yes.

Isabel Evans: I'm Isabel Evans. I've been in software testing for more than thirty years, software testing and quality, and I work independently now, working on process improvement, user experience, usability, and general software quality areas.

Jennifer Bonine: Then Julian?

Julian Harty: I'm also independent. I worked in tech for a bit too long, for years at global roles at companies like Google and eBay, but I spend most of my time now helping use technology in education in a bunch of countries.

Jennifer Bonine: Very nice.

Julian Harty: And helping refugees too. Helping them use technology.


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