Get to Know Google's Hacking Database: An Interview with Kiran Karnad


Kiran Karnad, a contributor to the Google Hacking Database, tells us what the database is, how it was started, and how to utilize it to its fullest potential—just like black-hat hackers. Learn why this tool is an invaluable resource for helping protect your software from evil.


After more than sixteen years in software testing and implementation, Kiran Karnad found his true calling in penetration testing. Proudly calling himself a hands-on lead for information security, Kiran has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and mentored software test teams in multiple geographies. Currently leading the functional and security efforts at MIMOS, Kiran strives to identify process improvement opportunities throughout the organization and to implement them effectively. He is a frequent presenter at various conferences and workshops including STARWEST 2012, Agile Testing Days, and AusCERT 2013.

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