TEMPLATE: Create a Comprehensive Test Strategy


Developing a coherent test strategy for a new software product or for major changes to an existing product can be challenging. This is especially true for the new test engineer for whom this template was developed. This template is a basic guide to help the user through the discovery thought processes necessary to create a sound test strategy for a project.

This template is not a format for writing a test strategy document. Rather, it is designed to help the user determine what kinds of things should be considered in developing an overall strategy. This guide is designed to get the test engineer pointed in the right direction.

The template is divided into tabs by discovery areas such as Scope or Analysis. Each tab has tasks related to that area. Each task has a grey box next to it. Select the box and enter your details. If there is a comment available, it will display. Once the discovery tasks have been completed, the user should have sufficient information to begin the formal strategy design.

The template is very flexible. The basic discovery tasks listed can be easily modified or deleted depending on a specific company's needs. Where appropriate, comments with additional information and suggestions have been added. These comments can be noted by a red triangle in the upper right corner of a cell. Comments can be easily customized to reflect the particular requirements of the audience.

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