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Eric King

Eric King
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Davisbase Consulting
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Agile Coach and Trainer
Mooresille, NC, United States
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10 years 2 months
IT Operations
Performance Testing
Plan-driven Development
Process Improvement
Test Automation
Personal Bio: 

Eric King has over 20 years of professional experience in both the software development/implementation industry as well as the financial services industry. Eric has extensive experience as an implementation analyst, project manager, technical delivery manager as well as a professional services leader. From a methodology perspective, Eric has experience in Six Sigma, Six Sigma Lean, Lean Methods and most recently; Agile. During the last six years, Eric has personally witnessed where teams have recognized tremendous success using Agile based approaches. In addition, he’s seen numerous challenges at the team, department, division and organizational level as well. One of Eric’s current passions is helping functional managers and executives understand why moving outside of their current role(s) is a critical component for any successful Agile transformation.

Eric’s passion for helping others lead him to expand an Agile training/education program with a previous employer prior to joining Davisbase. He also became a published author with the ScrumAlliance back in April of 2012 and continues to proactively write articles for publication based on his experience and desire to share “learned outcomes” with others. Eric believes that Agile is not a stagnant approach, but one that should be constantly evaluated and challenged. As such, he constantly asks students to “think differently” in their Agile journey and often challenges students in his classes to take their experiences to a higher level.

Eric believes that Agile practicioners need to possess a number of key characteristics in order to be highly successful. As such, he constantly strives to Coach, Teach, Facilitate, Mentor and Educate individuals, teams and organizations as they begin their own agile transformation.

Eric holds undergraduate degrees in Finance/French from the University of South Dakota and an MBA from the University of South Carolina.