STAREAST 2015 Interview with uTest Contest Winner Anna Momatava


In this interview, Anna Momatava, winner of the uTest contest, discusses her STAREAST experience. Look for more keynotes, sessions, and interviews at this year’s STARWEST conference in Anaheim.


In this interview from STAREAST 2015, Anna Momatava talks about her experiences winning a trip to the conference in the uTest competition. She touches on the highlights from her week spending time with well-known developers and testers.

Jennifer Bonine: All right! We are back for our virtual audience with our last interview of the day and before we move to the keynote—the final keynote and the closing keynote for today. I am so excited to have Anna here with us. I'm so glad you all get to meet her. I've had the chance to talk to her over the last couple of days, and I just absolutely enjoyed it. Thank you so much for being here.

Anna Momatava: Thank you.

Jennifer Bonine: Just for people out there who may now know you, just give them a little background on you and kind of your career. You worked for IBM?

Anna Momatava: Yes.

Jennifer Bonine: But obviously had some other interests in things you do, too. Maybe give them a little of background? For them?

Anna Momatava: I worked for IBM as a test specialist and a test consultant. I worked with different IBM clients, different companies. I really focus on providing the value to the customer, looking into what needs to be done, improving the process, things like that. But I also, in my free time, I do freelancing for uTest or Applause ... it's actually the same company, but they have two names.

Jennifer Bonine: For those of you that didn't know, uTest and Applause ... same thing.

Anna Momatava: Yes, it's the same thing. It used to be uTest and then transitioned to Applause, kind of to separate the community part of it and the business part of it, like the client side of it. I started as a tester in 2013 with uTest and later on transitioned into test team lead role. Basically, what is uTest ... It's a crowd sourced platform that ... I think right now 150 plus thousand testers who are registered for uTest platform, and actually anyone can register,, you guys can create a profile and then you will be invited into the sandbox cycle where you can show what you can do, what value you can provide, how good of a tester you are, and then if you pass that, the better you do, the more cycle invitations you will get actually paid projects.

You can work on them as a tester. You can file bugs, also grow as a tester. They have a rating system. It's a good way for all the testers out there who are interested on working on different projects because working daytime job, we can do so many projects and we can learn so many products, but with uTest, it's very versatile. Today you work with one product, tomorrow you are invited to test a different product. It can be, today, e-commerce app, tomorrow, a game, if you are a gamer, you would enjoy finding bugs in a new game.

Jennifer Bonine: Exactly.

Anna Momatava: That's the concept.

Jennifer Bonine: Which is awesome. For those of you out there that love what you do during the day but want some more variety in some of what you're doing, this could be a great way for you to sign up and have an opportunity to freelance and get some of those opportunities to try new things or get in to new spaces and add some value.

Anna Momatava: Absolutely.


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