STAREAST 2015 Interview with Dan North on Deliberate Testing in an Agile World


Dan North discusses his STAREAST presentations. Look for more keynotes, sessions, and interviews at this year’s STARWEST conference in Anaheim.


In this interview, Dan North covers his presentations at STAREAST, including Deliberate Testing in an Agile World and Deliberate Discovery. He also discusses his experience at the conference and his multiple interactions with other testers.

Jennifer Bonine: We are back with our virtual interviews. Now we have Dan North with us. Dan, thanks for joining me.

Dan North: Hello. Thank you for inviting me.

Jennifer Bonine: Glad to have you here. Some of you may have seen Dan yesterday. You had a keynote, you've had some sessions this week, you did a lightning keynote. We've seen a little bit of you.

Dan North: I've been a busy boy over the last couple of days.

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah. They're making you work for your money this week.

Dan North: They really are. I enjoy it, so luckily that works okay.

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah. Why don't you, for those folks who've seen you but maybe don't know your background, give a little bit about your background and what you've done and how you've ended up in the role that you're in now. You're Dan North & Associates, so you are your company.

Dan North: Yeah. Dan North & Associates is a model I got from some other independent consultants. I'm independent.

Jennifer Bonine: Yep.

Dan North: The associates model is, I know lots of people who are way better at things than me, so I'll work with clients and when I need to bring in people who can do certain things, then I reach out to these people and they come in and they help. That's the kind of associates thing. It's more of a network of useful friends rather than a big ...

Jennifer Bonine: It sounds impressive.

Dan North: The whole of Dan North & Associates is basically sitting at this table.

Jennifer Bonine: There you go. See? That's awesome, that's impressive. It sounds great, though. Now, your background, were you always in testing? Did you do development?

Dan North: I'm not in testing. I'm a complete interloper here. I'm fascinated by testing, and I can honestly say some of my best friends are testers.

Jennifer Bonine: Yep.

Dan North: I've been in IT and technology for about twenty-five years as a developer and then as a coach and then getting into organizational things. In 2002, I joined ThoughtWorks, who are an international agile software company, consulting company. I was their tech hire number one in London… woo! They've been going for like ten years or something in Chicago and various other places and they opened a London office. I accidentally ended up working there. A good friend of mine said, “You should work there and sent them my resume.”


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