Developing and Testing Games with the Internet of Things: An Interview with Jane Fraser


In this interview, Jane Fraser, the test director at Anki, gives examples of how the Internet of Things can be used to develop and test things today. She explains how to keep up with IoT technology innovations and get your testing job done at the same time.

Jennifer Bonine: We’re back with another virtual interview. Thanks for tuning in and joining us again, to our virtual audience. I have Jane with me. Jane, thanks for joining me.

Jane Fraser: You’re welcome, pleasure.

Jennifer Bonine: We’re glad to have you. Why don’t we talk a little about the company you work for or what they do. Kind of a little bit about your background so that folks out there have some information on you, and then we’ll get into some of where your passion is.

Jane Fraser: Okay. My company is Anki. We’re located in San Francisco. We’re a robotics company. Our first product is a toy. We basically after the old slot car version, brought into the 20th century by removing the slots, adding a brain to the car, and allowing you to drive it with your cell phone.

Jennifer Bonine: Wow.

Jane Fraser: It’s like bringing a lot of the robotic technology into the consumer’s living room. Also, by having an SDK, they can be used in schools and for people to learn more about robotics, which is our main goal.

Jennifer Bonine: That’s amazing. It’s interesting. Do you guys ever get involved in the World Cup of Robotics?

Jane Fraser: A lot of our founders have. We have a lot of PhDs from Carnegie Mellon. They’re no longer really in that as much, because we’re focused on our products, but they have been. I saw the soccer games showed that the robots tried to play soccer.

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah. People don’t know … This was a new thing for me. We actually have a person who works at the organization I work with whose daughter was in the World Cup of Robotics and she’s eight-years old. I think it’s just amazing to see a way to engage young people, to your point-

Jane Fraser: Yes, and that’s a lot what we want to do.

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah, engaging young people, and their interest in intrigue in technology, and like you said bring it to their living rooms, bring it to their every day, and not making it something they can’t engage with.

Jane Fraser: Yes.

Jennifer Bonine: Interesting thing if you’re out there, if you have children, if you are interested in it, go see about the World Cup of Robotics. It’s amazing what people are doing in the robotics space. So neat. Go check out the company. They should go look at the company and see what some of what you guys are doing. Kind of along those lines, you had a talk here at the conference around Internet of things and the connectedness of devices and stuff, so maybe tell us a little bit about that.


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