Deliver Your Applications with Speed, Quality, and Scale: An Interview with Silvia Siqueira


In this interview, HPE's Silvia Siqueira details how to better test your applications in the digital age. She explains how we accelerate applications to market without sacrificing quality, and tells why QA engineers and developers must embrace continuous quality by shifting left.

Jennifer Bonine: All right, we are back with one of our last virtual interviews for today, so make sure and tune back in tomorrow for more. For today, our last interviewee is Silvia from HPE ...

Silvia Siqueira: Silvia Siqueira, yeah. How do they say? The last is the best, right?

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah. Exactly. We saved the best for last.

Silvia Siqueira: Exactly.

Jennifer Bonine: Today. Yup. Thanks for joining us, Silvia, I appreciate it.

Silvia Siqueira: Well, thanks for having me.

Jennifer Bonine: Some of what, I think, we wanted to talk about that was interesting ... so Silvia and I get to chat before you all get to see us, and a lot is happening around this, what we call the era of digital transformation. Right?

Silvia Siqueira: Exactly.

Jennifer Bonine: Transforming everything into being digital. It was funny, Jeff Payne and I were talking about how pretty soon people will not remember things like job ads in the newspaper. Right? You used to ...

Silvia Siqueira: I did that.

Jennifer Bonine: ... look for the ads, and then we were talking about how you would mail your resume in. People would be like, "What's mail?" Right? How do you get physical mail?

Silvia Siqueira: I am surprised every time that I talk to kids, and you know the funny part that I want to mention to you is exactly this transformation that companies are facing now, and then something that I hear sometimes about testers and developers, they're like, "Oh, I'm not responsible to develop this cool application." They feel guilt for not doing the cool applications, but the importance also of the practical applications, right?

Jennifer Bonine: Yes.

Silvia Siqueira: But in terms of digital transformation, companies are going through a lot. Right?

Jennifer Bonine: Right.

Silvia Siqueira: Especially with the new, the millennials, the new applications and how to move those old ideas to the new. And I have a story to tell you, right?

Jennifer Bonine: Perfect.

Silvia Siqueira: Yeah, my fiancé, he likes to download music. Do you download music?


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