RailsEdge 2007 - Jim Weirich - Rake Goodness

Ruby tool expert, and creator, Jim Weirich sits down with Bob Payne to discuss about the benefits of using the Rake tool, as well as using Ruby in test-driven development. We invite you to listen to this great conversation on this podcast recorded after the 2007 RailsEdge conference.

I spoke with Jim after his Rake Talk at the RailsEdge.  If this is not your favorite build tool now it will be.  Jim is the creator of Rake and RubyGems package management for Ruby.  These two tools have made my life a lot easier and if you have not used them, then you are probably not using Ruby.  Jim talks about using Rake and db migrations with a recent Java project. 

I also spoke with Jim about Ruby test driven development.  It was great to see someone do a tiny step TDD in a presentation that was not an eXtreme Programming demonstration.

Jim is the first of my guests to say "You're the AgileToolkit Guy ... I listen to the podcast!" or something to that effect.  Thanks for the interview and for listening to my podcast, Jim.


-Bob Payne

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