Multiple Views of CMMI Approach: A Case Experience

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Software development processes should be optimized to compete with the world market, so companies can effectively deliver quality products on time. CMMI provides a model to help optimize development in every stage.

Software industries are rated as fast growing organization in the world. Indian software industries are exporting their product into various countries like USA, UK and Germany. Software development process should be optimized to compete with world market. So that the companies can effectively deliver the product in time with required quality.

CMMI is a model to optimize the development activity in every stage.

Today the CMMI is used around the world in military, commercial and government organizations. It has been shown to reduce the risks associated with development projects, increase efficiency and improve the overall quality of products and deliverables. Many civil industries such as transportation and telecommunications are making it a requirement for submissions to large tenders. Countries such as India and China are also using it to position themselves as dependable, trustworthy providers of world-class outsourcing services.

The CMMI is best known for its five levels of organizational maturity. Each level represents a coherent set of best practices organizations are expected to implement as they become better at what they do.

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Dr. S. Balasubramanian presently works as quality analyst with Cybernet Software System, in Chennai, India. He received a pH.d from Anna University, and has published more than fifty research papers. His areas of interest include ERP, software quality, and CMMI.

Mr. Manivannan works with Dr. Balasubramanian as program manager.

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