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API Testing Method with Markov Models

This paper presents a technique to test APIs that combines aspects of two published software testing methods, namely Markov modeling and category partitioning. Markov modeling provides a basis for model based testing and establishes the context for generating API calls and call sequences within a single test case.

James Whittaker's picture James Whittaker
Mutating Automated Tests

Most automated tests are used as regression tests - doing the same exercises each time the test is run. This paper and talk describe a powerful type of automated test - one that does something different each time it runs.

Douglas Hoffman
Automated Testing of Embedded Software

There are no silver bullets for automating embedded system testing to guarantee success. Based on the specific type of embedded system, there are many different ways to succeed or potentially fail. This paper gives an overview of what needs to be done for automated embedded systems testing, the similarities between the GUI testing and the Embedded Systems, and a successful approach used for more than one application.

Jim Kandler
Software development lifecycle activities Integrated Development/Test Project Teams

This article describes a real-life situation where the test organization participated as part of the development team and was included in all phases of the development lifecycle for a highly successful software project. The project was an upgrade of the software and hardware for a mission critical communications system in the aerospace industry.

David Petrella
Testing Component-Based Software

Today component engineering is gaining substantial interest in the software engineering community. Although a lot of research effort has been devoted to analysis methods and design strategies of component-based software, few papers address the testing of component-based software. The paper identifies and classifies the testing issues of software components and component-based software according to working experience.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Maximizing the Value of Your Test Environmnt

The objective of this paper is to provide insight to the integrated processes, financial and resource requirements, and technical components necessary to achieve a robust end-to-end test environment.

A fully integrated environment will enable end-to-end testing, quality improvement and pre-production certification for your suite of applications. The presentation further examines the vision, components, approach and methodology, and business processes that are critical to a successful test environment.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Managing Outsourced Testing (On time and On Budget)

Outsource testing can be a great way to get testing tasks accomplished when short on staff or equipment. Outsourcing can also be a great way to complement an existing QA group. However, it can also be a very costly approach towards testing and may not always be the best solution for a project. This paper will address how to define needs, evaluate labs and ways to merge an outsource effort into an existing staff.

George Hamblen
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Test Automation

The purpose of this paper is to provide some practical guidance for understanding and computing cost and benefits from test automation. It describes some financial, organizational, and test effectiveness impacts observed when software test automation is installed.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Is Software Testing Advancing or Stagnating?

The quality movement started in 1924 when Walter Shewhart gave his boss at Bell Labs a memo suggesting the use of statistics to improve quality in telephones. Later came Juran and Deming, and the movement was well on its way. Not surprisingly, the software industry eventually took up the challenge of systematically improving quality. Let's look at how that began.

Steve Whitchurch
Use Case Derived Test Cases

Use Cases are used to specify the required functionality of an Object-Oriented system. Test cases that are derived from use cases take advantage of the existing specification to ensure good functional test coverage of the system.

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