Test Automation with Open Source Tools in an Agile Process

Test automation, open source tools, and agile methods are three important trends in software development. This paper presents a case study of a project where the project team integrated these three methods to build and deliver a critical application.

Test automation, open source tools and agile methods are three important trends in software development. By integrating these three, a project team at Comcast was able to quickly build and deliver a critical application to its customers. The use of test automation enabled an agile software development lifecycle (SDLC) based largely on XP. The use of open sources tools for automation reduced the project cost while providing additional flexibility. The end result was on- time delivery with solid return on investment (ROI) for the business, and satisfied customers.

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Pete Dignan is the founder and President of ProtoTest, a company that helps clients optimize their investments in software quality assurance. He is especially interested in the ideas of "good enough software" and context-driven testing as they relate to QA investment. Pete is a former board member of the Software Quality Association of Denver, and serves on the Industrial Advisory Board for the Computer Science department at Colorado State University.

Dan Lavender has over 23 years of experience designing, developing, and implementing commercial and custom software systems, including middleware, environmental simulation, data warehousing, artificial intelligence, telemetry, and image processing systems. His work spans all phases of the software development life cycle and includes building new organizations and refocusing existing organizations.

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