The State of Testing in DevOps in 2022 | Provided by mabl

In our 4th Annual State of Testing in DevOps Report, 560 software development and QA professionals shared the status of their DevOps adoption journey and how testing activities impact adoption, collaboration, and customer happiness.

This year's report found that testing was the foundation for teams successfully navigating the transition to DevOps. Explore the full findings of the report, and see how testing leaders are planning to optimize their quality practices in the coming year, how they can enable their organization's DevOps journeys, and create better user experiences along the way.

The data will reveal:

  • What hinders the adoption of DevOps
  • The relationship between testing and customer happiness
  • Which testing types that teams plan to focus on in the upcoming year
  • How high-velocity, high-quality development teams embrace DevOps



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