Mobile Labs | All About Appium: Get Up and Running in 1 Hour or Less

All About Appium: Get Up and Running in 1 Hour or Less

As interest in Appium continues to grow, mobile app development and QA teams are learning more and are eager to give Appium a try in their testing labs. From our Mobile Labs customers, we’ve learned that although there is a lot of interest around leveraging Appium for automation, getting started with Appium has its own set of unique challenges.

We’ve discovered that sometimes it’s hard to get started testing with Appium because it’s expensive or difficult to purchase the Apple computers required for iOS testing. Troubles can also come from writing Appium test scripts. We’ve also observed that while a familiarity with Selenium for mobile web testing helps testers get up to speed with Appium faster, they sometimes still struggle when executing these Appium tests.

We’ve put together this handy guidebook to help you on your Appium journey. Download this guide to become an Appium superstar.

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