Fall 2020 Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index Provided by Perfecto

Delivering a consistent user experience across all digital channels is now mission critical. However, organizations are struggling to keep pace with the constant changes in mobile and web technologies.

The Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index is a data-driven, comprehensive resource for app developers, testers, and owners who seek to build a cross-platform test strategy. Its prescriptive methodology offers guidance in two areas: first, selecting the right platforms to test on and second, how to apply an execution strategy during testing with the right set of platforms at each stage in the development cycle. This enables teams to deliver consistent user experience and assure quality while accelerating velocity.

The index includes a current benchmark of devices, web browsers and user conditions – by geography – to aid in your pursuit of digital excellence. 

The latest index assists team to: 

  • Develop a test coverage plan that reflects their actual users

  • Factor in regional differences with worldwide data insights from countries across North America, Asia, and Europe.

  • Align cross-platform testing into the development cycle – what to test on at what stage.

  • Plan your lab by testing on the relevant devices, operating systems, and browsers and keep ahead of the market.

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