Continuous Security: Why DevSecOps is Dead Provided by Wabbi

On the heels of high profile cyber attacks in the U.S, executives across every industry and company size have made cybersecurity a top priority. This has not just driven the adoption of new technologies, but created an overall mindset shift to proactive cybersecurity - the understanding that strong defensive and response lines are not enough. We must start where 9 out of 10 breaches start: the code.

While a number of point solutions have emerged to address the multi-faceted nature of application security (security through code), too many tools and people have resulted in a DevSecOps “hairball” leaving organizations inundated with data, but no actionable information to drive actions.

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  • What Continuous Security is
  • Security in the CI/CD evolution
  • Why CI/CD/CS does not require full maturity of a CI/CD, but rather can be deployed in any SDLC with a commitment to three key principles

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