Bringing UI Automation Into CI/CD Provided by Progress

Most organizations have grasped the value of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment/Delivery. Many of these organizations are now continuing to mature by including additional quality gates as part of their automated processes.

Thankfully software delivery is embracing advances in thinking around testing and is using a “push left” mindset to bring UI testing earlier into the delivery cycle. Organizations are seeing tremendous benefits by adopting a continuous testing culture and practices which involve testing activities early in the project.

Are you looking to learn about the fundamentals of continuous integration, deployment and delivery? Are you planning to make your pipeline more effective by implementing UI testing? Are you struggling to get your organization into the right mindset for automation and to prove ROI?

Download this whitepaper and save yourself some time. You will find an outline of the key challenges and choices many QA's, test engineers and leads face when implementing automation into their organizations.

What you will learn:

  • Why is it important to adopt the "shift left" mindset as part of your CI/CD pipeline?

  • How to make the most of immediate CI/CD benefits including shrinking the feedback loop and automation of error-prone or sensitive processes?

  • How to bring user interface testing into continuous integration and continuous delivery?

  • What are the most important considerations when adding UI automated testing to CI/CD?

  • How to implement UI automation in your organization? Who builds the tests and what support frameworks will you need?

  • How to ensure continuous improvement?

  • How to increase the value of your pipeline with UI testing?

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