AI Log Interrogation for Autonomous Test Generation | Provided by Appvance

Testing that can map actual production user flows, end-to-end, and back to the new build was considered the holy grail. Appvance introduced this system in 2017 leveraging AI to learn the new application changes versus production as well as learn to interpret API level standard production logs, which exist on all systems. Appvance IQ is an enterprise-class system which starts at $5K/mo for both on-prem and cloud instances.

By combining data learned through blueprinting, the new build and that from logs, the bell curve of usage mapped to the new build can be created by upscaling the data using a predator prey approach. Feeding these to a code generator automatically generates the end-to-end test scripts with no human intervention–even mapping the correct data to application fields for data driven (parameterized) tests.

What you will learn in this white paper:

  • How an AI system can interrogate standard W3C production logs and synthesize end-to-end tests
  • How to use available and learned data so no tracking code is required to add to any application
  • How AI can learn each new build and apply those application maps to the log files
  • How this technology can generate test automation that mimics your user flows in production, and is fully machine-generated without human intervention


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