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SmartBear logo The Human Aspect of Testing: An Interview with SmartBear's Michael Punsky and Scott Barber

Michael Punsky and Scott Barber discuss the importance of the human element in the world of software testing—no matter how advanced testing tools become. Learn why continuous testing is crucial to software's success and why testing should never be looked at as a single event.

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International Society for Software Testing co-founder Johan Jonasson An Interview with International Society for Software Testing President Johan Jonasson

Johan Jonasson and a host of others are responsible for starting the International Society for Software Testing. We sat down with Johan to learn more about the reasons for forming the new society and how the group plans to "oppose practices that dehumanize testing."

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Software tester, conference speaker, and author Rick Craig Military Training for Software Professionals: An Interview with Rick Craig

Does the training that enlisted military members receive give future testers and developers a better footing and education than can be found in a standard classroom? Rick Craig tells his story of transitioning from the military to the world of software testing.

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Test Automation's Abilities, Myths, and Future: An Interview with Robert Muehlfellner

Robert Muehlfellner spends some time with TechWell's Noel Wurst to look deep into the world of test automation tools. In this interview, Robert helps dispel some of the misconceptions about tools, while also explaining automation's role in both agile and mobile application development.

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Moving Quality Upstream: An Interview with Colleen Kirtland

Colleen Kirtland and Harish Krishnankutty speak with firsthand experience about the difficulty of the "upstream swim" that many QA teams face in trying to elevate QA to the position of a trusted business partner. We spoke with Colleen about how testers can face this challenge.

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Dale Emery talks Test Automation Zombie Apocalypse From One Expert to Another: Dale Emery

In this From One Expert to Another column, Payson Hall interviews Dale Emery about a recent talk he gave on the "Test Automation Zombie Apocalypse." Here, Dale gives tips on test automation and what makes "zombie ideas" dangerous.

Payson Hall's picture Payson Hall
software test consultant Jordan Setters Choosing Quality Debt: An Interview with Jordan Setters

With a better understanding of quality debt, software development companies can avoid bankruptcy that many organizations have faced over the years. In this interview, test consultant Jordan Setters helps teams understand the difference between helpful and harmful debt.

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HP's Kelly Emo on the Power of Automated Testing with Agile

HP's Kelly Emo discusses why test automation is on everyone's minds these days, yet might not always be the answer people are looking for. Kelly shares how test architects and properly built test management can give your team and project the best chances for success.

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Jeff Payne Security Testing in an Agile World: An Interview with Jeff Payne

Jeffrey Payne sat down with Noel Wurst to discuss a range of topics, including advice for teams that are attempting agile for the first time, the importance of clear communication between teams, and the ways that security testing has changed alongside modern technology.

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Risk's Vital Role in Test Management: An Interview with George Wilkinson

Ensuring the effectiveness of software testing efforts can require expert assessment and management. In this interview, George Wilkinson uses his more than twenty years of experience in the QA and testing fields to explain how risk-based testing can increase effectiveness, focus, and communication.

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