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Roadmap for Software Testing (template)

This template provides high-level guidelines for software testing, including checklist items and documentation formats.

Sidney Snook
Maintenance and Support of Test Tools

During the lifetime of a test tool it will be necessary to upgrade, maintain, or customize the test tool. The upgrade and maintenance of test tools needs to be carefully managed and planned in order to mitigate the risk of affecting the end users. This article offers a framework for helping organizations cope with the changes that a test tool experiences during its lifetime.

Jose Fajardo
Test Suite and Tests Case (template)

This template is recomended for testers to help save time and reduce the number of test cases while keeping more coverage through the test data.

The Value of Requirements-Based Testing

Many of the testers reading this article use white box testing techniques based upon the structure of the code. Others conduct primarily black box testing based upon some external specification such as the requirements. And of course, some of them do both. In this short article I will focus on the value of requirements based testing.

Rick Craig's picture Rick Craig
Testing the Bold and the Beautiful

During testing, testers mostly stress the 'Bold' part of the software and comfortably overlook the 'Beautiful' side. Beauty and functionality are treated as two extreme ends in software quality, where only one of the two can meet perfection at a given time. But the viewers of the famous soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful know very well that both are important. In this article, Yogita Sahoo explains why aesthetics are such an important contribution.

Yogita Sahoo's picture Yogita Sahoo
An Ingenious Solution

Is your testing tool behaving like a problem child? Injecting your application with some discipline may be what's needed. Sometimes, spending a few weeks of development time on creating a solution can save you months of testing time. In this article, Linda Hayes explains how one company did just that!

Linda Hayes's picture Linda Hayes
comparison of scripted and exploratory testing How to Choose between Exploratory and Scripted Testing

Exploratory testing has gained increased recognition as a valid testing methodology. As a test manager or engineer you may be considering which approach to take. However, just as with other aspects of testing, such as automation, its application must be carefully chosen to ensure a successful outcome. In this article we examine the factors you need to consider when making that choice.

Andrew Thompson
illustration of a generic functional testing process Reengineering Test Management

The problems due to unstructured, decentralized test management can be solved by reengineering the test management process. A testing project starts by building a test plan and proceeds to creating test cases, implementing test scripts, executing tests, and evaluating and reporting on results. This article explains the goals of reengineering test management and how to achieve them.

Prasad Patwa
the UML notation for state-transition diagrams State-Transition Diagrams

This is the fourth and last in a series of articles written to, a) introduce you to the most important diagrams used in object-oriented development (use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, and state-transition diagrams); b) describe the UML notation used for these diagrams; and c) give you as a tester a set of practical questions you can ask to evaluate the quality of these object-oriented diagrams.

Lee Copeland's picture Lee Copeland
Advanced SQL Injection in SQL Server Applications

This document discusses in detail the common "SQL injection" technique, as it applies to the popular Microsoft Internet Information Server/Active Server Pages/SQL Server platform. It discusses the various ways in which SQL can be "injected" into the application and addresses some of the data validation and database lockdown issues that are related to this class of attack. 

Chris Anley's picture Chris Anley


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