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Agile Performance Testing

Approaching performance testing with a rigid plan and narrow specialization often leads to testers' missing performance problems or to prolonged performance troubleshooting. By making the process more agile, the efficiency of performance testing increases significantly—and that extra effort usually pays off multi-fold, even before the end of performance testing.

Alexander Podelko
Automated UI Tests Test Case Design for Automated UI Tests

In this article, Chris McMahon offers an approach to implementing automated tests at the user interface level in a way that is visually simple and should save a lot of work when analyzing and maintaining tests down the road.

Chris McMahon's picture Chris McMahon
Treating Test Cases as a Product Software Test Case Engineering: Treating Test Cases as a Product (or An Approach for Finding Defects that have Low Albedo Value)

Software testing has become a self-governing and an important profession over time. As the software development process becomes a complex activity day by day, the demand to continuously evolve the software testing practices and keeping them aligned to the needs of software engineering is becoming important as well.

Ajay Bhagwat
Tips to Overcome Test Automation Challenges

In her recent StickyMinds.com column, "Fool Me Once," Linda Hayes took a look at the difficulties encountered by those who dove into automated testing early on, only to be bitten by the record/replay shark. In this follow-up column, she offers some solutions to those who still struggle with making test automation successful.

Linda Hayes's picture Linda Hayes
example XML file XXX Automation

In this article, Dion Johnson takes a peek at an automation approach that isn't for the immature or the inexperienced. It is, however, for testers interesting in improving their scripting technique. But don't let the title fool you—you can use Dion's "XML, XPath, and Xcitement" approach in broad daylight.

Dion Johnson's picture Dion Johnson
pyramid decribing dependency of concerns in software UI Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

As a user experience design specialist, clients often ask Jeff Patton to make their software "look better," so it can be successful. But when clients focus primarily on aesthetics, they're often addressing the wrong thing. In this column, Jeff takes a look at common user interface (UI) mistakes and the key concerns software development teams should address to build successful UIs.

Jeff Patton's picture Jeff Patton
New Year, New Level: What's Next in Automation

Sometimes we get so focused on solving the problem in front of us that it doesn't occur to us to ask if we are solving the right problem. Linda Hayes finds that starting a new year makes her think less about what has been and more about what could be. In this column, she offers her thoughts on the validity of the way we approach the most variable of all factors: the user.

Linda Hayes's picture Linda Hayes
A Word with the Wise: Assessment First with David Dang

David Dang, a senior practice manager for Questcon Technologies, explains why you need think about the tool you select. According to Dang, the assessment of the project and its goals should always come first in test automation projects, otherwise, you risk maintainability issues down the road.

Joey McAllister's picture Joey McAllister
Unit vs. System Testing-It's OK to be Different

There are two distinct roles in many software projects that are involved with testing: developers and testers. Should they take the same approach to testing, or are there some principles that apply to only one of the roles? What should they do to coordinate their work? Danny Faught went through an exercise to compare and contrast and found that the questions he couldn't answer were as interesting as the questions he could answers.

Danny R. Faught's picture Danny R. Faught
Think Like a Tester

After more than thirty years in information technology, the last fourteen spent focused on testing and quality assurance, Dale Perry has come to believe everyone can benefit from thinking like a tester. In this article, Dale offers comical, yet serious, insight on how a tester views airport bathroom stall designs.

Dale Perry's picture Dale Perry


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