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Story map with color-coded sticky notes Story Mapping the Wrong Way

When Lisa Crispin’s team got an opportunity to put the story mapping ideas she picked up from Jeff Patton into practice, they excitedly rushed into it and missed a few steps. Find out what happened, what didn't happen, and what they learned from it all.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin
Load Test Your Website Before Your Customers Do

When you release a website or web application, it’s going to face a lot of very public load testing. If it performs poorly, there’s a good chance that you’re going to lose a lot of customers. Colin Mason offers some tips for load testing in order to ensure a better customer experience.

Colin  Mason's picture Colin Mason
Logic and Software Testing

Formal logic is what runs computers, but it is only a part of the logic used by a software tester. In this installment of his ongoing series on philosophy and software testing, Rick Scott explains.

Rick Scott's picture Rick Scott
photo from pair programming sessions Pair Programming in the Clink

In this personal experience story, Daryl Kulak relates the day he spent behind bars. He was there to participate in a program that pairs prisoners with software developers “from the outside” to explore the art and science of agile software development. “It’s like a code retreat,” Kulak notes, “except it’s inside a prison.”

Daryl  Kulak's picture Daryl Kulak
As Testers, How Do We Know What We Know?

Software testing is a process of acquiring knowledge about software. But, how do we know what we know or how to acquire knowledge? Rick Scott shows what the study of epistemology means for testers.

Rick Scott's picture Rick Scott
Testing Metaphysics

Metaphysics will help you investigate your purpose in life, separate the real from the imaginary, and argue about whether or not humans have free will. According to Rick Scott, it can also help you become a better software tester. As the foundation of philosophy, metaphysics deals with identifying the fundamental assumptions we make about the world and seeing how well they hold up to close scrutiny.

Rick Scott's picture Rick Scott
Put a Load on It: Combining Load and Functional Testing

Typically, industry software testing practice is to separate load testing from functional testing. Different teams with different skills and expertise do their testing at different times and each evaluates the results against its own criteria. We don’t always need to do this in pre-release testing. When time to market is more important than strict accuracy the pilot system can become the load test system while the test team does routine checks during pilot to mitigate risk. 


Fiona Charles's picture Fiona Charles
My Experience with Test-Driven Development

Vinay Krishna explains why agile development includes testing and coding concurrently, which is also what test-driven development emphasizes. The transformation from coder to developer to tester is needed in all agile software development projects.

Vinay Krishna
Test-Driven Design for the Project Manager

Many developers and testers are familiar with test-driven design (TDD), but how can managers use it to drive project implementation? In this article, John Goodpasture offers a guide to TDD design from the project manager’s perspective.

John C. Goodpasture's picture John C. Goodpasture
The One That Got Away

Many testers have been involved in post-ship decisions about bugs that “got away” – bugs that escaped testing and found their way into customer’s hands. Often, these post-mortem discussions end up with finger pointing and threats, but with the right focus, these discussions are a wonderful opportunity for learning and growth.

Alan Page's picture Alan Page


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