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Satir Change Model You Can't Fight Change

We can probably agree that, for the most part, change is good. But it is also disruptive, and can even create chaos. In this column, Becky Winant explains a familiar model of the  change process, and offers some ways to acknowledge and cope with change in the workplace.

Becky Winant
But I Don't Have Time!

Overworked software professionals sometimes skip things they know they should do, because they "don't have time." In this week's column, Karl Wiegers asks you to think about what you really mean when you say you don't have time, and he cautions you to take time to make time.

Karl E. Wiegers
Inspection Checklist for Training Materials (template)

This is an inspection checklist that used to inspect training courses prior to the initial pilot.

Steve Allott
Modeling Practice and Requirements

Models are useful in different settings in different ways. Models can test facts, ideas and understanding, simulate operation, and aid coordination between systems and people. In this column, Becky Winant lists six model patterns she has seen in practice in software development organizations, talking about where each is appropriate, and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Becky Winant
Telling Our Story

Software professionals learn a lot from technical presentations and articles. But sometimes a well-told story can illustrate technical concepts even better, in an entertaining and memorable way. This week, Lee Copeland tells why it's good to be a software bard, teaching your audiences hard concepts in a decidedly nontechnical way.

Lee Copeland's picture Lee Copeland
Do Your Inspections Work?

Software inspections are meant to uncover defects and save considerable project effort and cost. But how do you know if your inspections are cost-effective compared to testing and other quality activities? Can you even tell if inspections pay for themselves? In this week's column, Karl Wiegers outlines three ways to measure your inspection efforts.

Karl E. Wiegers
Software Bug Report Sample (template)

This is a sample bug reporting template for accounting and financial software software that includes description, severity, priority levels, and bug solution categories.

Khaja Ahmed's picture Khaja Ahmed
Testing Testers

You don't wait until the day before a software release to test the product. Testing software is a complex process, involving systematic investigation and sustained observation. In this week's column, James Bach argues that evaluating testers is similarly complex. And it shouldn't be put off until the night before the tester's performance review.

James Bach's picture James Bach
Risk Analysis to Prioritize Testing Table 1 Risky Business: Using Risk Analysis to Prioritize Testing

Many of us think about system risks when deciding what to test, but it seems that few have a standardized way to assess the risks of a given system. In this week's column, Rick Craig shares a simple method you can use to target your test efforts according to risk. This method comes from, and is developed more fully, in Systematic Software Testing, of which Rick is lead author.

Rick Craig's picture Rick Craig
Troubled Times

Market analysts say the economy is recovering from the recession. But it seems that every day we read about another company laying off workers and the tough IT job market. All this has Eileen Strider wondering, in this week's column, how you are faring and what kind of support you are both giving and receiving during these tough times.

Eileen Strider


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