Test Attacks to Break Mobile Devices Book Review: Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices

Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices presents an attack basis for testing mobile and embedded systems. Designed for testers working in the ever-expanding world of "smart" devices driven by software, the book focuses on attack-based testing that can be used by individuals and teams.

Michael Sowers's picture Michael Sowers
How to Maintain a Compatible User Experience How to Maintain a Compatible User Experience

Tara Nicholson explains why it's important to take into account compatibility, which refers to the ability of a software system to function across a variety of client software (browsers), operating systems, and hardware combinations. In this article, Tara shares some helpful strategies for you to consider when maintaining a compatible user experience.

Tara Nicholson's picture Tara Nicholson
Measuring End-User Performance Consider Rendering Times While Measuring End-User Performance

Mukesh Sharma writes that if you want to build an effective performance test strategy involving smart devices, you need to consider rendering times. It’s no longer OK to simply measure the response times on desktop web applications like we did in the past. For mobile, the rendering time can make all the difference between a good and a bad user experience.  

Mukesh Sharma's picture Mukesh Sharma
Unwrapping the Box Unwrapping the Box: Strategies to Approach Mobile Web App Testing

Mobile web technology has been continuously changing over the past few years, making “keeping up” challenging. In this article, Raj Subramanian covers the latest trends and changes happening in the mobile web and how testers can prepare for them.

Raj Subramanian's picture Raj Subramanian
Mobile Testing Sins Five Sins of Mobile Testing

Josh Galde describes key best practices that can be followed in order to develop and produce a successful mobile app that's user friendly and reliable. Simply avoiding the five sins Josh describes can save valuable time, resources, and strain while developing a finished product that's functional and reliable, allowing you to bring your mobile strategy to market with confidence and assurance.

Josh Galde's picture Josh Galde
Mobile Challenges for Project Management: The Human Factors

Continuing the conversation on building software for mobile devices, we look beyond the devices to the human concerns and challenges of managing a mobile-app development team, including ergonomics, health, and scheduling.

Jonathan Kohl's picture Jonathan Kohl
Traveling Through Mobile Applications Wherever You Go: Testing Mobile Applications, Part 2

In part 2 of this interview, Jonathan Kohl discusses testing location-based services, the value of a good social network for crowdsourcing, and how poor optimization practices might literally burn a hole in your pocket.

Joey McAllister's picture Joey McAllister
Load Test Your Website Before Your Customers Do

When you release a website or web application, it’s going to face a lot of very public load testing. If it performs poorly, there’s a good chance that you’re going to lose a lot of customers. Colin Mason offers some tips for load testing in order to ensure a better customer experience.

Colin  Mason's picture Colin Mason
A Primer in Testing Mobile Phone Applications

It took eighteen months for Julian Harty to overcome the various challenges of testing mobile wireless applications. In turn, he has learned some valuable lessons that he wants to share with you in this week's column.

Julian Harty


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