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STAREAST 2018 API Testing: How to Write Tests, Integrate into CI, and Track What You're Testing

Some developers and testers think that APIs, whether internally developed or not, should just work. Unfortunately, without a significant amount of focus on testing API services, one little flaw can spell disaster for your application—especially security vulnerabilities where hackers will target your application. Elise Carmichael discusses the risks of not fully testing APIs, how to be sure that all services are tested fully, and the types of negative testing you need to do on APIs. She shows you a method to organize your tests using Postman, a tool for REST web services testing. During this session, Elise and the participants will write some Postman API tests with variables and then execute the tests with Newman, a command line application for running Postman tests that you can include in continuous integration scripts.

Elise Carmichael
STAREAST 2018 AR and VR for Mobile Apps: Are You Ready to Test?

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) mobile apps are going to dominate the technical landscape for the next few years. Compared to current mobile apps, testing this new AR and VR technology will require more preparation, more effort, and new tools. BJ Aberle breaks down the methods and tools he uses to test AR and VR applications. Explore test environment requirements and discover the types of test data you’ll need to prepare for AR and VR testing. Learn about Google’s Tango AR platform and BJ’s experiences testing AR apps, including the Tango-based Cydalion app for the visually impaired. BJ shares the pitfalls he discovered—so you can avoid these when starting your AR or VR testing endeavors. Take back a set of new techniques you may be able to apply to streamline your virtual and augmented reality testing efforts.

BJ Aberle
STAREAST 2018 Embedding Performance Engineering into the CI/CD Pipeline

A difficult challenge organizations face when adopting continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) is ensuring that every build has been evaluated for performance. Although most organizations do performance testing, how they do it and when they do it define their readiness for deploying in fast-paced environments. Anjeneya Dubey’s team faced similar challenges and found ways to embed performance engineering as part of their CD pipeline. To achieve this objective, they made changes to processes, technologies, and culture. They added non-functional requirements to “normal” requirements and built a performance engineering platform for each API. This platform automates the performance tests, provides a centralized database for metrics, and automatically analyzes pass/fail on builds, based on dynamic thresholds.

Anjeneya Dubey
STAREAST 2018 Manual Testers Can Thrive in a Test Automation World

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Jeanne Schmidt
STAREAST 2018 Not Your Parents’ Test Automation: Application of Non-Traditional Automation

Most software organizations have a test automation initiative—some just beginning and others humming right along. Typically, these initiatives focus on traditional automation—using a software package to automate test cases or user stories. However, if you use only the traditional approaches to automation, you will miss opportunities to exploit the complete powers of automation. Paul Grizzaffi shares real-world examples where non-traditional automation or “automation assist” approaches, including high volume automated testing, have provided high business value testing in his company. He highlights instances where traditional methods could not have provided the same level of testing. Paul shares thoughts to keep in mind when implementing automation assists and demonstrates examples of helpers he’s created from tools not traditionally used for test automation.

Paul Grizzaffi
STAREAST 2018 Automated Testing: Beyond the Basics

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Jim Holmes
STAREAST 2018 Transformation from QA to Engineering: Testing in the Fast Lane

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Jennifer Scandariato
BSE Testing Your DevOps Goal: A Culture Shift, Not Just a Toolset Implementation

Becoming a DevOps shop isn’t just about hiring DevOps engineers and implementing a new toolset. It’s about changing the culture of your organization. Patrick Turner believes that your focus for DevOps should be to bring a cultural shift throughout the organization—up to the business team...

Patrick Turner
BSE Testing The Mass Extinction of Manual Processes: A DevOps Success Story

Large organizations can be filled with manual processes, and many people feel they are stuck with them. Bill Roberts and James La Spada tell the story of how Capital One used DevOps culture and kanban principles to significantly increase the speed of feature delivery—while lowering risk.

Bill Roberts and James La Spada
BSE Testing Word Smatter: Exploring Semantics, Testers, and Problems

ers [do|don’t] (help) [prevent|detect] problems.” Throughout his career, Damian Synadinos has encountered many variations of this phrase, which uses just a few small words to express many big ideas. It is important to understand what each word means individually to better understand the...

Damian Synadinos


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