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STAREAST 2018 Machine Learning Heralds the End of Selenium

Selenium has been the cure for free and low-cost browser testing for years, and—in the world of agile, mobile, DevOps, and browserless interfaces—it is showing its age. Comparing Selenium to what’s coming, Jason Arbon says that machine learning and data analytics will become the new standard for test automation. With Selenium, test engineers suffer from the pains of broken element identification; broken, buggy, and partially implemented mobiletest capabilities; exploding costs of building abstraction layers on their apps; brittle test code when the application under test changes; and absence of any context or test logic in the framework. Jason unwraps the work that several startups and projects initiated in the past twenty-four months are actively doing to fix these issues with new general-purpose, test frameworks that combine machine learning and data analytics.

Jason Arbon
Automated Security Scanning for Your Delivery Pipeline

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Matthew Grasberger
STAREAST 2018 Thirteen Patterns of Testers Thriving in Agile Teams

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Shaun Bradshaw
BSE Testing Scale: The Most Hyped Term in Agile Development Today

Scrum is everywhere. More than 90 percent of agile teams use it. But for many organizations wanting to scale agile, one team using Scrum is not enough. Dave West says the Nexus Framework, created by Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum, provides an exoskeleton for Scrum. Nexus allows...

Dave West
BSE Development You Might Be an Agile Leader If...

In case you haven’t heard, the leadership landscape has been changing—and continues to change—to keep up with the accelerating pace of business. And agile development has been an incubator of new leadership approaches. It has introduced or fostered many innovative concepts...

Bob Galen
BSE Testing To Estimate or Not to Estimate, is that the Question?

Wondering what NoEstimates means in practice, or why you would want to move toward NoEstimates? Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz or read Vasco Duarte’s book. Maybe you simply want to understand how you can spend less time estimating and more time delivering working software...

Matthew Phillip
BSE Testing The Fourth Constraint in Project Delivery—Leadership

All too often, the triple constraints—time, cost, and quality—are bandied about as if they are the be-all, end-all. While they are important, leadership—the fourth and larger underpinning constraint—influences the first three. Statistics on project success and failure abound, and these...

Rob Burkett
BSE Testing Balance Discovery and Delivery with Dual-Track Agile

Do your product teams frequently struggle to have groomed and well-defined stories ready for the developers? Do you find yourselves frequently in “feed the beast” mode to keep your development teams busy? Do your product teams have problems gaining shared understanding across product...

Sean McKeever
BSE Testing Cultural Intelligence: A Key Skill for Success

Diversity is becoming the norm in everyday life. However, introducing global delivery models without a proper understanding of intercultural differences can lead to difficulty, frustration, and reduced productivity. Priyanka Sharma and Thena Barry say that in our diverse world, we need...

Priyanka Sharma and Thena Berry
BSE Development Individuals, Interactions, and Improvisation

As agile practitioners, we constantly strive to better ourselves, our team, and our delivery. A great way to achieve this is simply being open to learning new ideas from other disciplines—including improvisation. Jessie Shternshus shares her story of realizing the uncanny similarities...

Jessie Shternshus


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