Siemens On Demand Web Seminar | Testing Connected Devices for the Internet of Things

Testing Connected Devices for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) and its connected devices are increasingly influencing our daily lives. Although consumer goods receive the most publicity, manufacturing is another fast-emerging area using IoT technologies. 

Whether for the consumer or the industrial sector, testing embedded and connected devices for the IoT comes with different concerns from traditional software testing.

Using industrial IoT as an example, this on-demand web seminar details the top three software challenges IoT developers and testers face—managing security and vulnerabilities, privacy and regulations, and eliminating silos while maintaining quality.

Developers and testers of connected devices should attend this web seminar to learn:

  • How to effectively manage and maintain an ongoing security assessment for your products
  • How to navigate existing and future connectivity regulations and privacy
  • What software testing tools and processes provide the biggest impact

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