Which testing tools work best for test automation of React apps?

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Alex Staley asked on September 25, 2020 - 2:00pm | Replies (5).

My company is moving from an Angular front end to a React one, and I'm researching the best way for the QA department to follow suit. We want to keep using the Protractor framework for test automation, but what tools would go best with React and Protractor in terms of maintanability, scalability and ease of use? Looking at Jest/Enzyme vs Mocha, Chai, TestCafe, Telerik, etc. Any opinions from those experienced with any of these tools would be greatly appreciated!

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I would say to check out over Enzyme and Jest.

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If you are looking for some of the best tools to automate the test process for your ReactJS apps, consider using tools like Appium and Jasmine. Also, some of the few other options that you would like to explore when need to test react apps include: 


  1. Webdriver.io 

  1. Jest 

  1. Mocha 

  1. Enzyme 

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I would say Mocha is the best bet here as my team has been using it for over two years without any problem.

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