Which good books regarding general automation approach you recommend?

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I am asking you to please recommend good books to read about general testing of an application.


Suppose you work at company, and a new client asks for his new software. 

You know many tools, Selenium, Protractor, SoapUI, RestAssured, API Testing.


But what is the process you take to start the testing of the client tool?

How do you choose where to start testing from? 


Specific about Automation. 

How do you choose which API calls to test? Which are in the regression test suite?

How do you know how much testing is enough? 

Tests usually dont fail, how do you look for tests that actually fail? 


I have knowledge on tools, and I can do as I'm told, 

but I want to be more as a test automation lead, so I need to have more experience

than just following the lead.


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Hi Daniel,

Actually the thing is you have to first check what type of project it is. As a tester, you need to understand which testing is required and whether the use of tools will be beneficial for you or not. There are lots of books available in the market which provide you great knowledge about automation. It will help you which approach should you prefer. I am recommending you a few books' names please find below.

1. Just Enough Software Test Automation

2. Implementing Automated Software Testing

3. Experiences of Test Automation

4. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

5. Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams

In spite of these books, In the era of digitization, you will find out enough knowledge about testing on the internet also. So the choice is yours.

Good Luck.


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