Which is the community supported tool for performance testing of Conversational AI / Chatbot ?

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Hi All ,


I am trying to look for the Chatbot testing tools in the market which are open source.

I have tried botium but the performance testing of Chatbot is only available in Software as a Service mode. I am hence trying to search for open source options ( as Apache Jmeter is open source tool for Performance testing of web application )

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When working on the performance testing process for chatbot, there are a few factors that must be considered and kept in mind. These include testing for personality, onboarding, understanding, navigation, intelligence, response time, and answering.  


Besides this, the open-source or community tool that you can use for testing the performance of your chatbot include:  


  • Chatbottest (a tool that operates for possible testing scenarios, expected scenarios, and almost impossible scenarios) 

  • Botanalytics (for testing usability and conversational flow) 

  • Dimon (for testing conversational flow and user experience) 

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