What Test Methodology is appropriate for Mobile Application Testing?

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What Test Methodology is appropriate for Mobile Application Testing?

Agile or V-Model. Is there any methodology adapted for Mobile App testing?

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I'm an advocate of adopting an Agile approach to Mobile App Testing. My company, QASymphony, has recently released a tool that automatically captures your test execution on mobile applications and stores the screen captures in a session manager. Here's a link to a quick Youtube demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwBHdHUBgNI



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Here in my company we use an agile approach where each agile team has a dedicated QA.

We found that Specification By Example is a good way to specify your mobile app behaviours and to drive your test automation development. Specification by example is based on BDD and can be achieved with Calabash. Both specification and test automation is done by the QA professional.

On the other hand, there is some points of the code that need some Unity Testing. In this case, the developers are responsible for writing and maintaining these tests.

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Mobile application testing is considered as one of the important term or the part of software testing, as it is used to verify and validate the overall functioning of the mobile apps. Day by day, we see the drastic growth in mobile app development, as each day, so many mobile apps are developed, which could be for Android or iOS.


Mobile Application testing through Automation is one of the trending and widely used methodology these days. Mobile test automation provides various test solutions, which help you to verify and validate the overall functioning of the mobile apps. There are some good tools available with which you can start mobile test automation, like:


1. Appium:  It is a open source test automation framework for mobile web apps.


2. TestingWhiz: TestingWhiz allows you to automate mobile web testing for Android and iOS on a variety of browsers, operating systems and emulators. It is powered by Appium, which lets you automate tests of any native and hybrid mobile apps from UI level down to the complete back-end and functional-level testing on real devices and simulators.


3. Robotium: This is a test automation tool, used for Android development.


Would like to suggest you to use TestingWhiz, as it has the integration of Appium, which will indirectly help you to have a brief knowledge of these tools. Also this tool is considered as a codeless test automation tool.

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With an exponential increase in the use of mobile devices, mobility testing services has become an integral part of software testing... We, at Testree uses innovative mobile applications testing methodologies and best practices to ensure the quality of mobile applications... I suggest you to check this page to understand about our rigorous testing approach for mobile apps to perform better in terms of UI/UX...

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