What technologies in testing should I learn

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ambi K asked on March 31, 2015 - 3:39am | Replies (1).



Iam new to this site and found it very useful. I have worked as a software tester for 7 years  and would like to return to the testing market again after a gap of 2 years from the industry as my child is young.

I have worked on Agile methodologies and some scripting in ruby (basic knowledge) with Cucumber.

I would like to learn few technologies and an automation tool before I start looking for jobs. Please advice me what scripting langauge and automation tools I should focus on.

Since I have a gap of 2years I would like to gain skills before I start giving interviews.

Please help!

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Since you have already worked on cucumber.. you should look at Calabash.

Selenium is a must.. for there is a lot of buzz around it these days..

Also it helps if you brush up on whats happening on the Mobile testing front..

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