What skill, course or education did you find most helpful to for your career in testing?

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Jonathan Kohl asked on October 4, 2013 - 11:30am | Replies (5).

Very few people have an education specialization in software testing. Most of us arrived from a different path. What classes, specializations or skills did you learn that you find most useful as a tester?


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The black-box software testing courses offered by the Association for Software Testing are fabulous (and difficult). Well worth the cost.

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tough question and no easy answer.  I would susgest reading Lessons Learned in Software Testing by Cem Kraner, James Bach and Bret Pettichord

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From my standpoint:

1. English and general communication (since I'm from Brazil)


3. Java and OOP

4. Curiosity and motivation to perfection.

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I believe the following skills, course or education will be helpfull to make a career in testing

1 - Testing Fundamentals

2 - How someone can make a career in testing

3 - what's the technical skill set you need

4 - Domain knowledge or functional knowledge (based on which domain you are targetting, like Banking/Finance, Health case, Insurance, etc....)

5 - Automation testing Tools (like QTP, Selenium, Load Runner...etc)

6 - How to deal with defects (mostly the defect management)

7 - Techniques and process in Testing

8 - Mobile testing


the list will go on....




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