What should be the key points to be considered while planning UAT?. We follow quarterly release plan.

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We have an established testing framework and tools(QC) 

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wow, that's a broad question!

For me, I'd be balancing the need to get feedback faster, the benefit provided by UAT, and the cost. I'd also be looking at the skill level of the 'testers' and what they expect.

So I'd start with a conversation:

 - What is the goal of UAT?

 - What are the expectations of the customers?

If the customers really just a want a demo where they see all the core functions working, then we might do a more brief, shorter, planned, demo-like UAT less often. If you want to use this process to find bugs, do it more often.

My personal preferance is to bring UAT testers into the team and have them test along with the software, but that might not always be possible.

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axshara s replied on August 23, 2014 - 12:07pm.

UAT Template about what are the requirement fixes as per user needs

Document which provides details about the Enhancement / modification / fixes

Impacted area should be highligted is it a webpage or form


Currently E Learning tutorial will help users for UAT Testing. which gives you brief idea on how to utilize the product or Application 


Captivate is a tool which gives you more details explanation to user



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