what is the need of hour PMP or ACP-PMI or SAFe?

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I am into Test Management, Mostly manual one. I have done Prince2. I have seen people often debating about Project Management Vs Agile.

Have seen people asking this question in various forums. What do you think is the best fixt or the right fit in current industry,

Project Management (PMP/Prince-2) or Agile (ACP-PMI/SAFe)


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I suspect there is no "right" answer here but let me give you some advice.

It sounds like you are UK based? Right now in the UK I'd say PMP/Prince is more popular, but that means more people are pursuing the jobs. ACP-PMI and SAFe are new-er, both aimed at large organizations. 

Personally, I'm interested in smaller organizations, so I find Scrum.org and the Scrum Alliance's Certified Scrum Master as more interesting. Those are all little 2-day classes, so I'd go beyond that and recommend Certified Scrum Professional.

That will help you get into small to mid-sized companies as an Agile Coach. To really get in, I'd suggest masterying the subjects. Don't just take courses - read books. Get on mailing lists. Meet the people who wrote the stuff - at least virtually - and ask them clarifying questions. Eventually, present your ideas at conferences.

Certifications demonstrate that you've memorized the material. Demonstrate that you've mastered it by adding to it and teaching it! 


Good luck.

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