What is everyone actually doing with their automated tests?

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James Hearn asked on May 2, 2016 - 9:01am | Replies (2).

As in, what kinds of testing? And how often do you run those automated tests?

We've started using automation for testing on my current project, and we're currently focusing on automating at least some of the use cases we use for regression testing, and plan to run them on a daily basis, as a check for the daily builds we make.

BUT, I was just wondering what others found to be more and less useful for what to actually automate. 

I also feel very much like this depends upon the type of software project on which you work, so, for example, testing something like an online shopping cart where the team can release updates frequently has different needs compared to testing an operating system release.

Any thoughts?


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I think your question is valid and I have also realized same situation in day to day task of automation. My team is try to achieve automation near 80% but somehow its not reliable. To improve the confidence in automation test please refer below points which can help.


- Do not try to automate everything.

- Focus on test data and try to automate this kind of use case first.

- Try to make dynamic test case and do not rely on hard coded data.

- Try to autmate samller things and improve your knowledge with application.

- Cover happy scenarios instead of too much complex task which will not give you reliability on automation.


Manual and automation both are to support testing activities. If you achieve small but robust autmation suite then it will definately increase your productiivity.

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Our test automation strategies are designed to cover high volume of business functionalities. Our test automation framework helps achieve detailed product testing with significant reduction in test cycle time... We have expertise in using the industry standard and open source test tools for

  • Automated Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Test Management
  • Defect Tracking

I suggest you to check this page to understand, what can test automation do for the testing cycle?

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