what is the best way to approach testing in the financial investment industry

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I would like to find out strategies used by other QA as well as which methods would work best in this environment as I am used to working in a dev environment and not financial institution 


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I feel you wanted to ask about the approach to testing the finance industry applications or software. If that is your query, the financial services testing works similar to other testing processes. It runs on an end-to-end test methodology to test banking workflows, business requirements, functional testing, security testing, data integrity, concurrency, and user experience.  

Besides, the process could be defined through a set of activities that run around test case preparation, test case review, and test execution, along with testing of the application, integrations, regression, and user acceptance.  

Since the entire idea of integrating technology into BFSI sector is quite challenging, it becomes necessary to frame these challenges for effective implementation. Besides, the deployment process needseffective testing and a thorough understanding on coping up with the BFSI challenges on digital initiatives.  

I hope the information helps! 

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