What automated tools does your company use to test your web and mobile software products?

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Ann MacKenzie asked on January 18, 2016 - 11:34am | Replies (1).

More and more companies are adding automated tools to their tool set for testing software products on web and mobile platforms, to speed up the testing process. 

What automation tools does your company use to automate testing procedures? 

Ann MacKenzie

Marketing Research, OnPath Testing

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Our company uses the tool named "TestingWhiz", to test all the Web and Mobile related software products. This tool is a Codeless Automated Software Testing Tool for Web, Mobile, Database, Cloud, Web services and API testing.

As this tool provides a feature of codeless testing, preparing test scripts becomes very easy as well as it is less time consuming, resulting in efficient test outputs and better test coverage. TestingWhiz helps all small, midsized and large-scale software companies as well as individual test engineers and QA analysts to move to the next level of hassle free test automation of web, mobile and cloud applications.

You can download its 30 days FREE Trial from its website: http://www.testing-whiz.com/.  

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