What are the phases of the software testing lifecycle?

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Megan Morris asked on April 21, 2015 - 9:40am | Replies (3).

I would like to use this as an interview question, but want to make sure that this is common knowledge in the testing community. If you could please provide your answers, I would appreciate it.

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I don't think of testing as an insect that has a defined beginning and end; instead I think of testing as a serious of activites that happen one after the other - mostly the blending of test design, test execution, communication, and learning. That test design can happen at different levels, like unit, integration, system, and acceptance, and for larger scoped projects test design might also including planning, strategy, etc.

For a project where the software is inteded to be delieved as a one chunk to programmers, then to testers ("waterfall"), I might say test strategy, test planning, test design, execution, and communication - but even that is overly simplistic, as these things tend to interleave.

I hope that helps!

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Below are the phases of STLC:

Requirements phase
Planning Phase
Analysis phase
Design Phase
Implementation Phase
Execution Phase
Conclusion Phase
Closure Phase

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As stated before I would also say that this is highly dependet on your process model. You would set up testing in an agile environment differently to an waterfall model project. 

Beside that another approach would be the fundamental test process of ISTQB which combines different activities in certain phases.

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