What are the latest/updated Test Automation Trends, to be followed for better test outcomes?

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Pratik Patel asked on February 22, 2016 - 1:45am | Replies (2).

Provide the updates related to the latest Test Automation trends, which is to be followed for better and efiicient testing.

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Hi Pratik,

Good Questions like this will definitely enhance our knowledge towards Test Automation.

When we talk about Test automation in testing line, we must know the importance of the same when it comes to shifting from Manual testing to Automation. 2016 is the year in which we can see the trend of shifting very soon, and its obvious as well because it will save our time, efforts, money and provide the quality results without hassle.

Moving further about the Latest or updated trends in Test automation industry, I believe everyone in here must read the article about "15 Test automation trends" posted by Testingwhiz, which definitely explain you about the Latest trends and tells you what can be the future of test automation industry.

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Hi Everyone,


The link provided above is not working because of unknown reason.

you can try this Link to read the whole article - 15 test automation trends




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