What are the best tools used for testing the apps based on RESTful APIs?

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Pratik Patel asked on September 2, 2016 - 2:59am | Replies (4).

Suggest few of the most preferred testing tools which are used to test apps based on REST APIs.

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Hi Pratik,

it's not necessarily the best tool (I don't think there is one BEST tool) but I really like REST Assured (http://rest-assured.io) for writing tests for RESTful APIs in Java. It's easy to use, pretty powerful and the tests are (to a large extent) human readable even though it's code, thanks to the given().when().then() syntax.

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Ready API! Pro for functional testing RESTful APIs. Also, there are robust materials for training on the tool via the smartbear"dojo".

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I think you should try Robotium Android Testing Tool I have used it for SmartIO App did helped me alot, It has lot of good option for quick fix of bugs.

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