What are the best company known for Automation testing in Canada?

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One of my friend lives in Canada from 3 years and working in a testing company in Canada. She wanted to switch from there. Please suggest some companies? 

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Anish Roy replied on August 26, 2022 - 7:23am.

You can drop your resume to Testhouse  - A software testing & Quality assurance company. Firm is based in UK,but you could opt for remote working. 

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Finding a reliable automation testing partner is quite a task. Especially, when you have dedicated project requirements or is running on a tight budget and schedule. Therefore, the definition of best-known automation testing company varies from organization to organization depending on the resource availability and project requirements. After all, customer service is an extremely crucial factor that decides the value of a company.  

Besides, if it comes to career options, the automation testing service provider maybe or maybe not a best company for an employee with specific skills.  

However, if we need to mention some of the most reliable QA companies that are providing automation support and progressive career opportunities, Qualitest, BugRaptors, Cigniti, are a few top names to consider. 

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Several Canadian companies are well-known for their expertise in automated testing. Among the major companies in this industry are:


  • QA Consultants
  • Cognizant
  • Infotek Consulting Services
  • Icreon
  • Enzyme

These are merely a few of the numerous companies in Canada that specialize in automation testing.

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Hi, I see quality answers here, but let me add SolveIt to this list. They're competent in mobile consulting and should be able to assist you with automation testing. 

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