What are the additional Skills that a Manual tester should be focused as he started a career in S/W Testing? Please help me out

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Khan MD asked on May 20, 2015 - 3:22am | Replies (1).

Please give your valuable suggestion , this will help me a lot throughout my career.


Additional skills like:

1. Any technologies ( automation tools/mobile technology/ java/ any.......)

2.About Testing

3.Any other 


Not only above skills recommedn any other from your perspective.

Please suggest ..Thanks

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The following are some of the skills that a manual tester should have:-

Technical Skills:-

1. SQL

2. Mobile testing

3. Security testing

4. Database testing

5. Performance testing

6. Automation testing 


Non-technical Skills:-

1. Very good communication skills.

2. Very good analytical skills

3. Habit of making documentation.

4. Planning and setting priorities

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