What are the additional Skills that a Manual tester should be focused as he started a career in S/W Testing? Please help me out

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Khan MD asked on May 8, 2015 - 5:58am | Replies (5).

Additional skills like:

1. Any technologies ( automation tools/mobile technology/ java/ any.......)

2.About Testing

3.Any other 

Please suggest ..Thanks

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This is a frequently asked question,nowadays in IT industry is expecting lot from QA professional.Days are gone when people used to do software testing course and then getting a job.
As a QA engineer to enter into IT industry you have to polish your skillset for following skills:

  • As a fresher he/she should be conceptually clear about automating any web application.
  • What are the core things that needs to take care while automating any application.
  • What are the different tools available in market to test the application functionally.
  • What are the pros and cons of those tools, competitive analysis
  • Great to have a knowledge about any of the automation tool preferably Selenium
  • Awareness about nonfunctional testing like performance/Stress/load testing
  • Good to have knowledge about any of the performance testing tool like Jmeter
  • Knowledge about Database testing
  • Basics about webservice testing.
  • Knowledge of SOAPui tool is an added advantage.
  • You should be in Agile concepts.

this will increase your chances exponentially to get selected as QA professional

All the best

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In addition to the testing-specific skills, I would suggest learning about the domain which you will be testing - in particular the processes followed by the business area(s) who will use the functionality. In addition, it's useful to develop a knowledge of basic psychology, notably soft (people) skills - how to communicate and build relationships with subject matter experts and developers, amongst others

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A lot depends on communication so I suggest for you to read a few books about the topic.

Scripting will help a lot; Selenium or Python, maybe Perl will be a great help.

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As a tester, you have to focus on not only keeping your technical knowledge updated with the latest testing methodologies, techniques and tools, you also have to develop and maintain a keen mindset. You should be able to think out-of-the-box and be proactive to be able to deal with unexpected bugs and project scenarios. You should have excellent communication skills to be able to work in a team.

You need to keep yourself informed of the domain specifics related to your project software.You will need to know automated testing and learn it hands-on, as in this Agile world, you will have to work with automated test tools.

You will need to know Selenium WebDriver with JAVA as these are most commonly used. There are excellent bug tracking tools like JIRA with which you need to be conversant. You need knowledge of version control systems like Git, and basic SQL and Unix commands.

You should be able to document test cases and create test plans for a wide range of projects.

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1. Open source Automation tools like Ruby, Selenium etc

2. Should have knowledge on all testing concepts, database knowledge, programing skills required for automation.


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