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Rada H asked on May 22, 2015 - 10:58am | Replies (15).

Can anyone recommend a simple tool to test enterprise mobile apps for both iOS and Android, phones and tablet devices?



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I'm sorry, I'm not quite clear on the question. Are you looking for test tools that run the application and report results? Then you likely want one for iOs and one for Android for native applications. For web-based applications, I could give you a tool (Selenium/appium) but you still need to actually do the testing.  So, realistically, one of every device to test, a laptop, Microsoft Excel, a browser, a pen, a paper, and a person should do it.

If you could elaborate on the problem you are trying to solve, I might be able to help give you a better answer.

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Keynote Mobile Testing tools ensure the quality of your mobile apps and mobile websites.

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Krishnan G replied on February 16, 2016 - 2:11am.

I am using BrowserStack for testing cross browser testing on mobile, including automation. 

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I assume your mobile app will be running over public networks that you have no control over?  i.e. the bandwidth, latency, packet loss and other network conditions will depend on the user's location and whatever else is happening on the network at the time they use your app.  You must therefore optimize your application for real-world networks so that the user has a good experience even when the network has say high latency or packet loss.

Take a look at iTrinegy's NE-ONE Network Emulator - it allows developers and testers to easily mimic LAN, WAN, WiFi, Mobile, Satellite networks so that applications can be tested under the type of conditions that users experience. 

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sam sandy replied on May 10, 2016 - 3:41am.

For android -Google Developer console

For IPhone - TestFairy 

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Mobile application testing is considered as one of the important term or the part of software testing, as it is used to verify and validate the overall functioning of the mobile apps. Day by day, we see the drastic growth in mobile app development, as each day, so many mobile apps are developed, which could be for Android or iOS.

Today, Automated software testing is considered as one of the most trending term in the field of software testing, as it is considered as one of the efficient as well as effective software methodology, making the overall software development/testing life cycle better and taking it to some different level. Mobile test automation provides various test solutions, which help you to verify and validate the overall functioning of the mobile apps.

There are some good tools available with which you can start testing enterprise mobile apps, like:

1. Appium:  It is a open source test automation framework for mobile web apps.

2. TestingWhiz: TestingWhiz allows you to automate mobile testing for Android and iOS on a variety of browsers, operating systems and emulators. It is powered by Appium, which lets you automate tests of any native and hybrid mobile apps from UI level down to the complete back-end and functional-level testing on real devices and simulators.

3. Robotium: This is a test automation tool, used for Android development.

Would like to suggest you to use TestingWhiz, as it has the integration of Appium, which will indirectly help you to have a brief knowledge of these tools. Also this tool is considered as a codeless test automation tool. You can try its Free Enterprise version, by downloading it from their website and experience the various practices for mobile app testing.

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I would recommend "Ask for Test - Software testing & QA Services" for best mobile app testing services. Trusted by amazon, trello, craiglist and many more. Reach us today @

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Appium I guess

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With the aim to meet the demands of an agile development process, there are plenty of testing tools which can help the team to test varied parameters of the mobile apps like behavior, performance, security etc.

 The mobile application users and customers expect enterprise mobility service providers to ensure that any given application is isolated, secure and has high performance. Therefore,testing/ QA team should permit deployment team to implement a fully tested and certificatedapplication for the users. Here are the best  

1. Appium

2. Calabash

3. Frank iOS

4. Monkey Talk

5. Robotium

6. Selendroid

7. KeepItFunctional 

8. (KIF)EarlGrey

Software Test and QA Services

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For an automation tool for enterprise mobile apps for both iOS and Android, phones and tablet devices, an interface that can be easily used by anyone means that the automation tool brings everything in one place and assists the QA community on their journey of testing.QAppAssure is one such testing tool that acts as an interface that can be easily used by anyone. It provides a platform for the QA folks to easily integrate issue management portal, test case management portal, CI/CD tools and messaging channels and test their products on a testbed of both real and cloud devices.

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Mobile Application Testing is the process in which applications designed and developed for mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs, or phones) are tested for its functionality, consistency, and usability.


Mobile Testing falls in the following categories:


- Functional Testing


- Performance Testing


- Memory Testing


- Interruption Testing


- Usability Testing

Categories of Mobile Automation Testing Tools:

- Best Mobile Automation App Testing Tools

- Cloud-Based Mobile Testing Tools and Services

- Mobile App Distribution and Crash Reporting Tools for Developers

- Mobile Performance Testing Tools

- Mobile Emulators to Test Websites Online on Mobile Devices

- Mobile Optimization A/B Testing Tool

- Mobile Defect Logging and Test Management Tool

- Mobile App Testing Services and Service Providers




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Hi there!


For mobile testing, there are a number of tools available in the market, but I would suggest the below mobile testing tools:

  • Appium
  • TestComplete
  • Robot Framework
  • Xamarin.UITest
  • Espresso
  • XCUITest

Appium is an open-source test automation framework that allows creating UI tests for native, mobile web, and hybrid applications.

TestComplete is an automated UI testing tool from SmartBear. It allows creating, maintaining, and executing UI tests for web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Xamarin.UITest is a mobile testing framework that helps create UI acceptance tests and run them across iOS and Android applications.


Thank you,

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Since I am associated with a software testing services company, I would love to make a few suggestions on testing enterprise mobile apps.  

In my opinion, you can rely on any of these tools: 

  • Katalon Studio 

  • Appium 

  • Test Complete 

However, I would love to give you some additional suggestions if you could share the requirements of the project.  


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